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September 09, 2013



Football flowers!! Love this, and I agree, the blanket stitch adds so much!!


Bingo! I have been lacking energy and I've been cheating on my gluten free diet. Duh! Thanks for the reminder. I hadn't got to the itchy stage but...
I also need to get my hand work back on top of the pile. Thanks for timely reminders. ;)

Barb in MI

Love the football flowers!


I agree! The football flowers are beautiful!

Linda Swanekamp

My husband is gluten intolerant. You can do it. Let me know if you need ideas for products, recipes, or what your hardest things are to solve. I have been helping him now for over 7 years with this and have a lot of experience in the trenches. Don't give up and fall back.
For the blocks, give an incentive, like a ticket for every block, and when enough blocks are done by others, draw for a fabric goodie. When you get a thank you note from a group, read it to everyone so they get it. Got to get people catch on little by little it matters. You are doing a terrific job!

Debra S

Sorry to hear you had an allergy attack. Boo hiss.

I know you aren't fond of string blocks but they really do make great looking quilts.

Ivory Spring

Vicki, you always work on the coolest things. Loving your football flowers! They are really cute.

Better run - I have 30 minutes to sew before I play taxi driver again.

Mary Anne

Such pretty flowers - each petal is shaped like a football (how fitting!). As for the allergic reaction - hope you`re feeling better. I think sometimes these things happen to keep us humble.

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