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August 08, 2013



If the rings don't work out to hold bobbins try putting salt in one to dip the rim of Margarita glasses!

Debra S

I only wind the bobbins I need for a particular project so all my extra bobbins are empty!


I've used the rings for a long time and like them a lot.


I love those bobbin donuts. I have one but another would be very useful. I'm bad with thread! Maybe they're round so if you get bored you can play ring toss! :o)

Mary Anne

ooooh - I see that while the cat's away the mice are playing (and stash enhancing!). Good for you. I have no clue why the donut shape either.


It is a challenge to keep all our stuff in order! I have several ways I keep my bobbins in check. The drawer in my sewing cabinet has a drawer so I keep two small plastic rectangular bobbin holders. I keep all my bobbins with regular sewing thread in there. For my cotton quilting thread bobbins I had these wooden inserts that my dad made. The inserts went into a sewing box, but I took them and set them beside my machine for the cotton bobbins. The inserts have dowels so the bobbins stack. There are 16 dowels so I can keep the colors and empty bobbins sorted.

I have been a good girl and not bought any quilting fabric since May! I don't know that my fabric storage room looks any emptier, but I need to use what I already have. Right now my plan is not to buy anything until I work at the quilt shop in October.

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