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August 02, 2013


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Enjoy your company. Timothy needed to go back home to Mommy. At times Project Runway should be called Mean Girls -- or in Sandro's case -- Mean Boys! I wanted the Japanese Street Wear dress to win.


When you are in the bottom on the first three challenges it's time. I don't know why I even watch the show any more since the producer manipulation is so obvious, but I just can't stop.

On a better note, I like the gradient in the background. It provides some interest but not so much that it competes with the shibori blocks.

Mary Anne

Never seen Project Runway ( I know, I'm sadly lacking in my tv education). Weekend plans here aren't very stimulating. It's a long w'end here and we generally try to stay pretty much at home to avoid the insanity that seems to be on the roads and in the stores. I'm in the middle of crocheting a 'Hobbes' (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) so I think that will be my focus, along with crazy quilting the denim purse I'm working on.

Cheryl K.

I have to catch up on Project Runway since we were out of town and then my sister came to visit - now I know a couple of things to look for! Your shibori quilt is a wow! already and those kaleidoscopic blocks? Make me want to do the Happy Snoopy Dance!

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