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August 03, 2013



I love's gorgeous!

Lynne in Hawaii

Oh yeah...I really love it!

Jane S.

That's really neat! I can't wait to see the next one in the "quilt block" series. :)

Becky in VA

Beautiful! I love your 1st quilt block plate.


You do the most beautiful work with everything you touch, Vicki.....

Deb Levy

That is really pretty! You are becoming quite the glass artist!


These I great but I only peeked through one eye! ;)

Mary Anne

I hate sushi, but love your bowl. It's far too special to cover with raw fish....yewwwww.

Teresa in Music City

Wow!!! Just.... wow!!!

Katie Z.

You do beautiful things. Thank you for sharing.


I'm glad you are having fun with your glass.

Jean S.

I'll add my voice to the "I love it" crowd. It looks like your stringers are curved (which I really like). Did you have to glue them to keep them in place for the firing? Very nice Vicki. Every artist has to have more than one way to express themselves and you're excelling here.


I really love this, the pattern and the colours that you have used


Beautiful plate! The lime stringers add so much to the design.

Joy Voltenburg

these are gorgeous. I love what you've been doing with glass.

LuAnn Kessi

Wow Vicki.....the Quilt Glass is beautiful! You have found your groove in glass. Keep at it.
LuAnn in Oregon

Judy Rys

The lime green stringers really make the plate special. Great job.


I just took a beginning glass fusing class so I know what you're talking about -- cutting glass is HARD! (I was trying to make triangles) I think my plate will be fired and slumped and ready to pick up on Wednesday... will post a photo if it's not too ugly.


I absolutely love your glass work!

Virtual Quilter


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