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August 28, 2013


Nancy Brodeur

Congratulations to you both! Beautiful quilt. Could you share the pattern name, please? I like it so much with the plain fabric between the "stacks". I started one....but did not pick fabric that was colorful enough, so it looks pretty blah. I haven't sitiched the stack part together yet. Thanks for sharing.....good job!


the quilt turned out really great didn't it. Mom should be proud of it!

Debra S

WOW! I love your new guest room quilt! Are those needlepoint pillows? The blue of the quilt looks really good with the rich colors of the room.


I'm sure the fabric shop will be as thrilled to see is as you are to have it for your guest house! Your feathers are very pretty. Tell you Mom it's a beautiful quilt.

Barb in MI

It's beautiful! And finished - yeehaw! Love the colors even though they are so different from my usual 'taste'.

Cindy Is Crafty

It is really lovely! The bottom one is my fav!

Mary Johnson

Your feathers look great. You and Mom are a good team! I'm heading to VA for a quick trip tomorrow and with Keith and Chris (and Rae) coming in Friday we won't have much time to sew but I've promised to help her put borders on a quilt for my sister so we will get a little stitching in.


The quilt is beautiful! It has a vintage look about it which is warm and cozy. Great job with the quilting!

Mary Anne

Stack and Whack is the only quilt design I have any interest in actually doing - maybe someday. It's a beautiful quilt!


your feather look amazing!!

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