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August 07, 2013


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Your quilt is looking awesome!! Love it! The fish prints are great, too--but the subject is just not very lovely! (But even ugly fish need love). I know someone who would be over the moon about them!!!!

Gene Black

I love your quilt - but no surprise there.

I am happy to see that you are supporting a local artist. I am sure it is good "kharma."

Becky in VA

Your quilt is coming together in such a wonderful way!

The fish prints are cool and aren't you wonderful to have such a special gift with prefect timing for Chris. I like the fish head best - it's so personal and up close!


glad the car was an easy fix but sorry he has to travel back to get it! sounds like you have been having fun!

Cindy Is Crafty

Sounds like you are having a lovely time!

Virtual Quilter

It is going to be stunning .... WOW!!!

I have had my break at two retreats at the same venue with two different groups of people and am working my way through a back log of blog reading ... so your work will progress rapidly for me , at least until I catch up!

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