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August 28, 2013



I know I've run into this (but EQ is on my other computer) and it has soemthing to do with what mode you are in ... But can't remember what to do!

Here's hoping you can figure it out quickly!

Tina in NJ

I haven't run into this problem, but I have found the EQ technical support to be very responsive. Shoot them an e-mail. The reply may not be instantaneous, but I expect it will be quick.

Jeanne in Ohio

I think I've exported files when I was in the sketchbook. I may be wrong. . .


Did you try clicking on the image first?


turn off the computer is my first line of attack. (My son's clamshell MAC is working again... It just needed to rest awhile.)

Virtual Quilter

My first suggestion is to close EQ, turn off the computer ... then start up again.

Maybe the design hasn't been saved, though it usually exports and saves it at the same time if it is not already in the sketchbook.

And as somebody has already said, tec support is great.

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