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August 27, 2013



I loved doing this, once upon a time while living in Japan. I had pre-school kids doing it as well. I've never done it on fabric, only paper, but the fabric version offers endless possibilities for it's use.

Mary Anne

I've read about this technique but haven't tried it. I wouldn't be very keen on using real fish but fake ones would make it a little less icky I think.


Cool - I had no idea you could buy rubber fish for printing. Not sure I'm doing this any time soon but it looks like fun.


yuk! interesting technique but on some less yukky thing. ooooh! I'm only one step up from eating Captain HiLiner! LOL

Cindy Is Crafty

You need a large hook with a worm for the center! Just sayin'!

Gene Black

Pretty cool...but wow...those rubber fish are not cheap!


The rubber fish are a good idea. It would be just wrong to ruin a perfectly tasty fish with paint.


what a very cool idea for imprinting-those will make neat placemats


Great prints - don't think I'd want to try it with real fish, though :)


I cannot imagine why you wouldn't want to use the real thing? Hum.... perhaps the dye would get stuck between the fish scales. It would add a certain je ne sais quoi! ;o) Cheers!

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