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August 20, 2013


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Nancy Phillips

I love this quilt Vicki. Can't wait to see it in person.

Becky in VA


When you started making these blocks I could see there was going to be a challenge in the use of color to set them together. You definitely concurred that challenge!
I love it, too.


For having no color theme in the beginning, it came out really well. The 4 shades in the alternate block gives a great effect.

Pam O

Fabulous quilt. The setting is unique and most appropriate for the blocks.
Maybe you had no preconceived color scheme, but color is a way of life for you.
Job well done.

Gene Black

It is absolutely gorgeous, Vicki. I love the shibori pieces in the blocks.

cindy is crafty

Vicki, It is fabulous! :O)

Virtual Quilter

Very interesting layout ... and the blocks look better now than they did individually.


This quilt turned out so beautiful! Your arashi shibori is wonderful. I have been trying to make some arashi shibori recently and have had issues so I truly appreciate yours!


Fantastic! The fabric of the borders and alternate blocks is outstanding. And the sashings are the icing on the cake. Love the pink 'behind' the blocks and slicing thru the alternates. There are so many wonderful details --one could look at this quilt forever and still be making new discoveries.

Debra S

2nd top you need to quilt really well and enter in some shows.


It's really stunning!


Beauteous! The shibori blocks are nice enough on their own, but they really shine with the graduated background and striped alternate blocks.


I'm inspired to cut up some of my treasured shibori fabrics. Thanks!


It's wonderful Vicki

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