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August 16, 2013



If I set aside the birthday quilt, I might be able to sew along . . . we'll see!


I'm starting to pull my fabric. I like a large variety so it will take awhile.

Barb in MI

Great idea! I love to actually 'use' my books and make something out of the beautiful patterns. Will try to join, work load depending. I already own the book, so no excuses...


I've got about half of my fabrics pulled and I'm getting more and more excited by the day! So glad you are coordinating this as it will be lots of fun to see what everyone does. I like your relaxed time frame too... that definitely works for me.


Sounds like fun....I should have my sewing room in working order by that time. :)


I'm in, of course.

kathy doughty

Wow, even I want to sign up and have a go and it's my quilt! Thanks so much for getting this quilt along up and running...keep me posted with photos! Thanks to everyone that gets on board the Fractured Train! kathy doughty


My friend, Sally, (comment above) took the class with Kathy and wrote her an email letting her know about the QAL. Kathy wrote back to say she "was going to get involved in some way" so we'll see what that means. Pretty exciting, huh?


I just bought the book, so I would be very happy to work a project with everyone.


I've been wanting to make this quilt since i first saw it....i hope i can find my machine in time to start sewing! Count me, i need crowd motivation to keep up!

Jane Melohn

This is perfect timing. I got the book to make Fractured. I just finished making Red Center first because it was faster to pick fabrics. I will make another one in rwb but first Fractured in lots of different fabrics. Kathy Doughty always inspires me. Thanks for doing this.

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