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August 05, 2013



Don't you just love when they admit you were right? Glad everything went well for him.
Love the postcards!

Tina in NJ

Those leaf prints are fabulous! Have fun with the symmetry quilt.


My in-laws car broke down in South Carolina. We took the train down to pick it up...


I love the leaf print postcards! The quilting really made them pop. Don't you love being "right" once in a while? We are also in the drive them until they die group. C's car is 17 years old and we recently sold my 1990 Honda, I cried. It is like saying goodby to an old friend. :)

Kim S

Love, love you symmetry quilt!!!! And the leaf postcards are wonderful :-) Are those sun prints?

Gene Black

I drive an "older" car too. I have had oil changed regularly, had tires replaced..and not much else. It runs as good as ever. Why on earth would I change?


The symmetry quilt is just great. Love that he admitted that you were right.


I love a good "told you so" story. I drove a 1993 Dodge Caravan that we purchased brand new for 16 years, until my son had an accident in it. My husband is driving a 1998 Honda Accord. Glad he arrived in Florida safe and sound and had a friend near. Those postcards are gorgeous. My dad had a car for 40 years before he sold it.


The postcards are beautiful! I look forward to seeing the quilt sewn together.

Virtual Quilter

Looking forward to seeing the symmetry quilt all in ine piece.

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