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August 26, 2013



You can never have enough space! It is nice to have separate areas for each activity.

Mary Anne

Lucky you to have all that space, sez I, who is pretty much relagated to one tiny spare bedroom that I have to share with a pull-out bed. Oh well, I once had a big workspace and truthfully don't miss it all that much. Looking forward to seeing what creations come from your new glass studio.

Gene Black

Thanks for sharing. It was fun to see in your studio.

Eileen Keane

Vicki, if you add up all your space, it's about the size of a small house! lol
I think it's so great that you have the room to do what you want/need to do at any time.
Have a great time with your family; it sounds like it's going to be an awesome time.

Debra S

Nice space! Jealous!


Haha, the sauna is a lot of space mostly sitting idle. I use mine from time to time to cure soap or batch dye; just not ready to give up using it for its original purpose, yet.
I had a real fish in my freezer for years; just never got around to slapping paint on it. Eventually DH made me toss it, gawd it was ugly, I think I bought it in China Town.


youch, I can imagine that glass splinters and long arm quilt machines do NOT go together!

Batching in the sauna - LOVE it! Do you actually turn the heat on?

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