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August 01, 2013


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Kim M in PA

Ok, this is not related to anything you've said, but if you have an iPad you need to download the free game called Blendoku! It's like sudoku only instead of numbers you are sorting gradations of color! I just discovered it and thought of you. I apologize in advance if you find yourself addicted!


That's a great idea to quilt it oversized, wash and then trim to the right size. Otherwise it's always a guessing game. It really turned out nice.

Debra S

Big project! When these are done, you can really pat yourself on the back.

Mary Anne

Spontaneous eating of chocolate at 10:30 am - hey, that's a kind of spontaneity I can get behind!!


Both quilts so different but equally eye catching and amazing. I have yards of fabric to make curtains and pillow for the quilt I made for our bed. Maybe one day...

Debbie St. Germain

What amazing projects and gorgeous quilts, love them both.


Jan O

OMG, your symmetry quilt is beyond gorgeous!!! Love it!

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