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July 04, 2013


Katie Z.

My palette would probably be some kind of gradient. I love working with single colors in a wide range!


I had a hard time narrowing it down, but my top two choices would be
1) White (or nearly) to aqua to dark teal
2) Red to brown with limited or no orange

Thanks for the generous offer, and sorry about your corn!


My palette would be shades of purple going into some dark greens.

Jay Dodds

My palette would be VERY similar to the one you have posted! With maybe just a touch of hot orange or hot pink for contrast!

Becky in KCMO

Mine would have deep red, several greys, white and deep black.


My palette would have to begin with a good saturated red, and some turquoise and yellow as an accent, with a red to yellow gradation.

joan s

I like peach and salmon palettes but not too orangey. They look lovely wth spring greens.

Carol S.

I would design a palette that includes the colors the Australian outback, one of my favorite places in the entire world. Reds, oranges, purples for the topography, blue for the sky and gray-green for the foliage.

Thanks for offering a giveaway. I LOVE the Thrive grouping!

Carol S.

Lynne in Hawaii

I'd like a color wheel...with bright primary colors. No wait...maybe aquas, indigo, and tan/creams. (ocean and sand).


I think the thrive colorway is the closest to perfect that fits my personality....I like indigo blues, gray-blues, turquoise, sea-blue-greens in many shades, and I like to accent with mustard yellows, straw-yellows, soft butter cream yellows.

Julie - Me & My Stitches

My palette would have to include deep, rich red and black. Then I would have to ask you what to add! Lol! Love Thrive!

Jane S.

My palette changes pretty much daily! Today I am hooked on foxglove purple, tiger lily orange, daisy white, and soothing shades of green to kind of give all that color something to hang on to. :)

Judy Cooper

I would do blues, greens & turquoise.

Jean S

It would be purples and yellow-greens, one of my favorite combinations. Of course I love them all.


"I caahn't decide." (Remember that from Arthur?)I love everything, even like blue now!!
Have a great 4th--sorry about the corn. DH just went to Fred Meyer's to get some to grill with the rib eye steaks--it doesn't grow well here.
Just decided: for today, I like Jean's palette!

Gene black

Hmmm, it would have lots of colors and both a bright gradient and a pastel gradient....maybe yellow into pink into blue to use as sky backgrounds. The bright gradient would be rainbow (you already have that one) you know, it just might all be gradients! Aren't you glad I am not dictating your palettes?


My palette would be based on the colors of the tropics, the deep blue of the deeper water and the lighter bright turquoise color of the shallower water with a yellow green, and hibiscus oranges and pinks to round it out. And yes, I'm channeling my inner Hawaiian! BTW, have you heard that you are not supposed to tell people that you are from Virginia? If they aren't you'll make them feel bad! Hope you are enjoying your 4th of July!

Kim M in PA

Thrive is Gorgeous!!!

I've never thought about a custom palette for myself. I love to wear magenta and I know I look better in warm tones but I sew with everything! What a great question!

Mary Anne

Happy 4th! To answer the question - my favourite palette is (always!) black, purple, green and red. All the primary colours are the best! Hmmmm - but then again, I like the muted hues too - the rusts, beiges and antique-y colours.

Becky in VA

You've done so many - it's hard to think of something that you don't already offer.

What about using the color wheel for a Rainbow Collection that are gradients to white and black. RED to white to black, etc.


This is a great palette. Hmm, as to what I'd choose- peachy pinks, a touch of orange and then fading off to yellow. A little hot for now so the blue greens are refreshing.


Rainbow colors, very bright and cheerful!

Tina in NJ

My personal pallette would feature leafy to hunter greens, a couple of beiges, and a few deep reds. It sounds Christmasy, but in a deep, rich way. Happy Fourth.

Sarah Jordan

I really love your blog. I was thinking of it today because I'm doing some dyeing. I am always drawn to green, blue, purple but maybe I'd try to throw some orange in for kicks and because I'm starting to like that color. I really love your thrive palette. Thanks!

Linda Fleming

I love ombré (shaded) fabrics - they are very versatile - recently I used some in a tumbling block quilt so my choice of palette would be the seven colors of the rainbow, each graded from pale to dark.

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