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July 11, 2013


Tina in NJ

We are in north central New Jersey. My DH's family has been involved in the Somerset County 4-H for decades. The annual 4-H fair is in early August and our 11-yr-old daughter is now involved. Heat isn't really a problem, but mud is. When it's muddy we have to park off site and get bussed in.

Four dogs and one quilter

A beautiful day in western Oregon. Saturday is the Sister's Outdoor quilt show and I will be there bright and early.

Linda Swanekamp

I live and grew up in Buffalo, NY- the western New York region. My favorite festival is the Allentown Art Festival which is in June. A lot of people's favorite is the Taste of Bufflalo which is coming up this weekend. It doesn't appeal to me. I would rather have fresh cooked food and a nice place to sit and eat it, but it has its devotees.


I am from the beautiful northeastern Washington State. One of my favorite local festivals is the Marcus CiderFest. The October festival kicks off with a pancake breakfast. There are craft vendors and live music shows. Gallons and gallons of homemade apple cider can be purchased. It is a lot of fun to watch the apples being pressed through the antique cider press. The machine is quite large and painted in bright red and yellow. All of the apple cider is made on sight during the festival.

Rebecca in SoCal

Bates Nut Farm (a commercial venture, but fun) has craft weekends where locals sell their hand-made goods. I got to meet the spinner of the yarns that made a hat I bought, as well as the sheep and llamas it came from, and the emus that live with them. They all have their role to play. Last time there, I saw some yard art that was new to me. They also have farm animals in pens, which is fun for a city girl like me. I really thought of Judy L. while watching the different fowl!

Marti M

We just moved to Portland OR, so just finding out about the local festivals. I have been told there are quilt shows in Sept. and also in Oct. so can not wait to visit them.

Gene Black

Congrats to Judy! I know she will enjoy using the fabrics.


Manitoba, Canada. Winnipeg started a multicultural Folklorama for a centennial treat and it just kept right on. It is for two weeks in summer and you can travel the world 'locally'!

Nancy A

Denver, Colorado has fabulous festivals, including the People's Fair in June and Taste of Colorado in September. We also have the Denver National Quilt Show in May.

Eileen Foley

I live in a suburb of St. Paul, MN. It's a very old town on one of our beautiful lakes, and unlike many suburbs, has a REAL downtown! That's the site of Marketfest, a weekly street fair/car show/farmer's market/fun fair/free concert. It runs through mid-August on Thursday evenings, and is great fun to attend.


I live in St. Louis, MO. The most popular event has to be Fair St. Louis that happens on the 4th of July. It's held on the riverfront, and there is a kid's zone for play and crafts, food & merchandise vendors (most are fundraisers for not-for-profits), an air show, a 4 mile run, a parade, and concerts each night. The day's activities are capped off with a fireworks display, and they are so pretty when reflected on the Arch. The first night's attendance this year was estimated at 200,000!


I will be attending a concert in the Vermont Summer Music Festival on Monday - Pirates of Penzance semi-staged.

Gayle Grier

Our little town, South Pittsburg, TN, hosts the National Cornbread Festival the last weekend of April each year. South Pittsburg is the home of Lodge Cast Iron, which, as everyone knows, is necessary for good cornbread. The family festival features the National Cornbread Cook-off sponsored by Lodge and Martha White, Cornbread Alley, craft vendors, music and lots of cornbread! The town grows from a population of 3,000 to 35,000 to 40,000 over festival weekend. Come join us...we promise a fun time!

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