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July 27, 2013



We have a friend who runs a tree business - and you are right that it is awesome to watch someone skilled at work!

Jean S.

We've had several trees removed over the years and it is amazing how fast they can take them down and you're left with just a pile of wood chips.

Becky in VA

Country entertainment at its best!

Deb Levy

I remember the entertainment in rural Virginia well!

Always something either weather or critters...never a dull moment even out in the woods!

Mary Anne

It's amazing how they do their job - I'd be absolutely terrified the whole time if I had to be up that high. And, speaking of trees coming down, yesterday afternoon we were enjoying our nice peaceful view of the river from our balcony and all of a sudden there was a huge crack and a giant limb came down from one of the trees beside the river. Luckily nobody was walking there right then. It certainly startled a lot of birds!

Cindy Is Crafty

We had several trees removed here a few years back and it was not nearly as much fun to watch. They were also not nearly as neat and took up all of our parking spaces with their trucks overnight!


awesome! they did good work from what the photos show

shirley bruner

I love watching tree people at work. we had 3 trees taken down about 3 years ago. i took pics, too. now i have 2 dead ones at the studio that need to come down. time to call again. thanks for the reminder. LOL


Joys of rural living. We, too, have trees needing 'pruning'! ;)

Debbie St. Germain

We finally have a couple of trees growing in our yard but our neighbors have plenty that line us, all around. One has huge pine trees and they are getting bad, large falling branches during a storm and they always fall on our side.



I had a big oak tree taken down four years ago. When the trunk of the tree hit the ground the neighbors came out to look and see what cause the ground to shake! It is fun to watch those guys work!

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