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July 03, 2013



Totally with you about Sue Monk Kidd - was really looking forward to the Mermaid Chair, based on Bees, which I thought was great. Mermaid Chair - blah blah blah... :)

Mary Johnson

It took me a long time but I'm finally able to listen to a book ... When I'm knitting. I used to get annoyed at the sound of the narrator's voice or at how long it took to get through the book but now I just sit back and knit and enjoy the story. I only listen to history or biography books ... For some reason, I don't like listening to fiction although mysteries are my favorite genre to read.

Eileen Keane

I was looking at Amazon, thinking about getting The Persimmon Tree for my Kindle. There was a link to Bryce's FB page.
He died last November, and if Fishing for Stars was his last book and he was ill, could explain it. Doesn't mean you you had to like it. I'm going to order the first one.

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