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June 07, 2013



I'm still stuck on 15 pairs of shoes that are mostly black! :o) I like shoes.


Family takes time. true. Hubbys that grocery shop and cook when they've time also save time. true Relaxing the cleaning schedule saves time. very true. Some don't travel much so there is time for other things. true. Then there is the truth about frugalness. True, vbsigh! Stuff takes time. Absolutely! Dedicated space- I always want better but yes, true. Less is more and I'm editing to get to that reality. Stuff overwhelms me as well. And that is as far as I got. I see the validity of the rest of the list and I want to do better. THANKS!!!

Mary Anne

I can't think of a single thing to add to this! I'm fortunate that our kids are grown and gone (and no grandkids...yet) and my hubby is a FAR better cook and also enjoys it (I don't). I'm also a person who simply can't sit in front of the TV without something to do. The biggest time-sucker I have is the computer and have to work a bit harder on harnessing that. Thanks for a great post!

Gene black

I really like #4 I can be easily distracted so having a movie on while I sew often keeps me at it longer. Vice versa, when I have to listen in meetings, my hands have to be busy so my mind doesn't wander. Doodling is what I usually do because it looks to the speaker like I am taking notes, plus the pen is in my hand for anything I DO need to jot down.

Debra S

Concerning sewing/creating-My philosophy is ---if it is important to you, you will make it happen.

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

Vicki - excellent advice; you and Chris are wise beyond your years!

Deb Levy

Our lives are a lot alike...except for the children part...but ours are grown and live out of state.

Just the fact that Don does the cooking (and therefore the marketing) saves me a ton of time.

Debbie St. Germain

As someone with food allergies, I know how you feel, it is not worth eating out and explaining what i can and can't eat, to people and you cannot trust them. When we go on trips, I have to find places with kitchens.

My husband does the shopping for me and we take turns cooking, he does it on the weekends.

Shoes, two pairs of sneakers, black and white pair, lol. A pair of hiking boots and kayak shoes, that is all I need;)


Linda Swanekamp

Thank you for taking your TIME to share with us to help us. I will chew on this as I will be out of town at a conference and am away from my stuff. I want to make more and do it cleaner and sharper. Thanks,


Thank you! Times 3 or more. I appreciate reading about how you manage to get things done. It is helpful information for everyone's consideration.

shirley bruner

we are so much alike. i do a lot of the things that you do...lists, no cooking, no cleaning, no tv, etc. i use a unpleasant things for an hour...then on to fun stuff. i have to turn the timer so i don't see it though. hahahaha i'm happy when it dings. do the tough stuff first...or unpleasant things. computer when i get early in a.m. and late in p.m. stay up till midnight....i use up ALL of my day. LOL

Regan Martin

This post is fantastic! And I loved the parts where you are purging all the 'extra' stuff in your house. We did that 2 years ago, because I couldn't get to the stuff I wanted, cuz of all the piles in front of it! And it was everywhere! We ended up having a yard sale, and it was the best thing ever! Hubby didn't want to, cuz he doesn't like the idea of his stuff out there for others to take, but when we made $988 in 2 days, he was quite thrilled! The cash went towards our cruise that next spring! All the clothes and shoes went to a local thrift store, cuz that stuff never sells in this area. We plan on having another sale this year, cuz we hardly scratched the surface of the hoarding last time! LOL And no, I'm not a hoarder like on those shows (yuk!), but there is way too much stuff in this house!

Hubby set up an old spare computer at my treadmill in the basement, so now I can check my blogs while walking in the winter! I kindof miss it in the nice weather, when I'm outside walking, cuz blogging does take a lot of time!

And I'm determined NOT to get on Pinterest! That is the biggest time sucker of all!

Thanks for posting this......I'm a list maker, too, and "Keeping thoughts on paper frees your brain to focus" is going in big letters on my bulletin board! THANKS!

Libby Fife

This really was a great post, Vicki-thank you. It took some time too-pun intended!

Here is the first additional tip: Many years ago while struggling with debt and a very low income, I read a book titled Your Money or Your Life. This was right about the time when the concept of simple living was coming into vogue (again). The authors of the book stressed just what I think you are suggesting: making choices as a means of managing your life rather than simply having life happen to you. The book got me out of debt eventually and showed me another way of looking at spending money and acquiring/maintaining possessions. Fortunately I married a man who has a similar thought process. And it is funny because except for the food allergies, we might be kin!

The second additional suggestion I have is for those of us whose emotions interfere with our productivity. The effort to stay on task is sometimes enormous. Changing your internal voice from negative to positive works well to keep yourself going. I actually don't have to feel bad if I don't want to.

Lastly, your point about being able to do something for an hour at least did resonate strongly with me. It's a viewpoint I hadn't considered and which I think will help.

That was a great post for those of us who "work" at home. Thanks again!

Candy from Candied Fabrics

Great post Vicki! I too am so lucky to have a hubby that cooks! You've made some thoughtful choices and are now reaping the benefits of those choices, very inspirational to lots of folks!

I guess if I had to add anything to this list it would be a reminder that organization is a process not a product! Even after you've purged a room and set it up for how you are working NOW, it takes time to put stuff back after using it, and a year from now what you're doing in that space may be different than what you're doing now, so don't beat yourself up if that beautifully organized space doesn't work so well down the line!


Wow! Awesome post! Awareness is a beginning; next comes internalizing and application. Full adoption is a fleeting but worthy goal. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful description of how you make use of your time and resources to get to your goals. Good for you! What a gift you have given to your readers. P.S. I second the suggestion for reading Your Money Or Your Life.


I love this post and if you don't mind will print it out to pin on my workroom wall. I love all your life decisions and have done some very similar or the same. I manage my time much as you do. My main exception is that I ditched my husband 11 years ago and like my own company much better, but have to do everything for myself. I have two children (now aged 26 and 28, both recently single again) who I love dearly ( I see my daughter more often than my son as she not only lives 10 miles away but works for the same company as I do - my son is over 100 miles away). They have always respected and taken on board my 'rules' about frugality, time management, sharing household tasks and allowing each of us 'me time' to do our own thing. I can beat you on the shoes - I have two pairs of heels for work,(1 black, 1 brown)1 pair of flats for driving,1 pair of black boots, 1 pair of white sandals and 2 pairs of trainers (1 in great condition of dry days and indoors and 1 dirty pair for gardening or walking out on damp days)!! I am frugal, hate clutter and last year decided to stop purchasing more creative 'stock' until my workroom contents is drastically reduced.


PS - forgot to say I too have allergies - sadly I am allergic to fruit - YES fruit. which I developed 26 years ago - although not too difficult on a daily basis - its just a pain as amongst things I miss a crunchy apple and have to take antihistamines in case there is fruit in a Caesar salad !!

Barbara Williams

Great post. I don't know what I can add. You are so right about material things, the less we buy, the less we have to deal with!!!My man is a packrat. I have learned to deal with it but it slows every thing down plus the space to store it and dust it. Less is more!

Mary Johnson

I'm similar in some ways and very different in others but somehow also manage to devote a lot of time to my craft. I think it's the goal setting that does it. I will do almost anything to accomplish all or most of what is on my list.

I'm lucky in that Keith also grocery shops and helps clean (I hate both). I cook but not every night, we go out fairly often.

The kids are in GA and Keith travels frequently leaving me with more time to quilt. I travel very frequently which does limit what I accomplish but it's something I enjoy a lot so the balance of time at home and time traveling is good for me.

Stuff is harder for me. I'm not a hoarder but am a bit of a packrat ... Clothes and shoes not so much but too much fabric and yarn in the sewing room. Ideally I'd like a larger space where I could have the sewing room and longarm together but I can't complain too much as I have two rooms devoted to my quilting. I usually do a big purge when we move every 3 to 5 years ... Unfortuantly we're in year 6 here and it shows!

I set goals for what I want to accomplish between trips and then each day plan what I'm going to do toward those goals. If I get behind, I don't get on the iPad until I've accomplished my tasks for the day.


I have plenty of time, but I am undisciplined. I function best when there is a deadline, and I almost always finish something when it's due and not before. I've been that way all my life; it used to drive my mom nuts when I had a school assignment for months but waited to start it until a week before it had to be turned in. I don't work full time, and it seems like I get less done now than when I did. Of course, the internet wasn't around then, either.

Debbie M

I learned so much from this post, Vicki! Thanks for sharing your time with us.

Saucy Chick Sherry

Thank you very much for writing and sharing this time management post. I am the worst with excuses and not being as productive as I wish. Clutter is exactly what I have and need to address. Time is precious and very limited. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...


Oh on the financial issue, my DH is great with finances and we have pretty much the same philosophy as you.

What he says to me is "you can have anything you want, just not everything"

So, I pick and choose! It's all about setting priorities!


Great post, I do quite a lot of the things you mentioned but there is always room for tweaking things and gaining a little more time. I always wondered why I feel COMPELLED to de-clutter every six months or so, and it's true I can't be creative in the midst of too much clutter.

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