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June 13, 2013


Freda Hendersom

That is gorgeous fabric! I have less neutrals than any other color. I did purchase a few last weekend. Have fun at the river.

Julie in GA

That piece of fabric is stunning! I have a good stash of most colors, but could definitely use some more pale neutrals.

Deb Levy

browns are very lonely in my stash.

Have a great time at craft week!

joan s

No pink in my stash and not much yellow either. Beautiful fabric!

leslie p

I love that piece, it's gorgeous.
My stash is lacking in orange and yellow.


Orange! I only have a few pieces of it.

Thanks for the chance to win, and have a great time!


I barely have any brown...Love the giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Jean S

Yellow. I've been trying to use more of it because I like the end result. The colors in your photo are my favorites.

Ann Petersen

Probably pink is least represented, but the combo here is stunning!

Tina in NJ

It's hard to find an orange I like. That's probably the least represented. I'm also picky about greens and they don't stay in the stash long! Lovely fabric.


Funny you should ask that--pink and blue!! Your lovely piece would help solve that problem! Have fun on your get-away.


Green - I very very rarely use green - in fact have only ever used green twice both times from fairy costumes and then I had to dye the fabric green !!


Pink and blue are both least represented in my stash. That is one pretty piece of hand-dyed fabric you have there! Have fun at the river!

Sarah Jordan

How pretty! I have a hard time finding creams that I like.

Mary Ann

Brown would be it. Have blacks, yellows and oranges, just not alot of call for a brown quilt, at least not since the 80's when brown and forest green were the calicoes you could find. I think I still have some of those 80's brown calicoes in my stash!
Mary Ann


I have been using lots of my yellows and oranges so they are not filling up their allotted space. ;)


Hardly any yellow in my stash!


That's easy -- I have barely any whites or creams. The vibrant colors always capture my attention :). Have a great time at Craft Week!

Mary Anne

That's an easy question to answer - pale pink and/or brown. Neither are high on my list of favourite colours so I guess I tend to avoid them. Have a great time at craft week...we're heading away next week too (can't wait!).


I don't have browns or grays.

Blues, pinks and purple together are my favorite


My favorite color is purple andthat is actually the color that I have the least of.

Becky in VA

Oranges and yellows are just a little out of my color comfort zone. Dark pinks/purples/blues are colors I wear and love; in fact, I have one of your dyed silk scarves in colors similar to this beautiful yard of fabric.

Have fun at the River!

Gene Black

Although I did buy some recently, gray is my least represented color.

Viki Kirby

I have virtually no purple in my stash. I worked in a quilt shop for 3 years and the owner's favorite color was purple and she ordered everything in purple. After awhile I started hating it and am just now, 7 years later, starting to consider using some.


That fabric is beautiful! Can you believe my modern quilt group wants me to teach them to dye fabric? They are coming in August on a Saturday so I am going to have to start getting a program set up. Color I don't have in my stash - purple.

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