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June 20, 2013



How fun!! I really like a LOT of her screens--but the layered is my favorite followed closely by plume (it reminds me of my favorite quilting pattern!)

Tina in NJ

I'd have to go with Stem 5. My soon-to-be 11-year-old daughter and my about-to-graduate-high-school (as in tonight!) niece adore pink. I'm kinda tired of it myself. Love your postcards. Screen printing is a craft I haven't gotten around to yet. Maybe sometime this summer...

Deb Levy

Cute, cute , cute! The screens are such a time saver and fun to boot!


I love all Terri's screens!! My favourites include stem #1, circle #2 and the birds!


There are so many charming stencils but I thinks I like circle motif 9 the best.

Linda Swanekamp

I have done silk screening with photo emulsion and hand drawing. I like silly circles because it could be used in many ways and in many layers. I wish there was someplace around me that made them so could use my own designs. I live postcards and mini art quilts.


It's hard to pick a favorite....I like pods and silly circles.

Judy Cooper

All the stencils are wonderful however, I like the pods and the birds. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Gene Black

I like a lot of them I really think I like Hand Drawn Stem 4 the best. (at least in this moment)

Cindy Is Crafty me me me me pick me! I love them all and your postcards, too!


I like the Funky Floral Stems...and I love Mistyfuse. Thanks for the chance!


oh, boy. The birds, the circles, the stems 3, well, you get the general idea! Enjoy the holiday!

Linda Evans

I like your pink postcards. Like you, I am not a big fan of pink, but your cards look fun, modern and quirky! I like the Silly Circles thermofax screen the best. I hope I win the prize!

Mary Jo

I love the birds! Thanks for the chance to win such great items!

Sue in Upstate NY

I love the pods!


So many great designs! I like scatted circles 1.

Judy Hudgins

I was going to go with the hand drawn stem first, but then settled on birds.


Picking a favourite of Terri's designs is a real problem they are all so alluring. OK, so twisting my arm I'd go with Doodle Squares 1.
Hope you are getting lots done on your retreat.


Flunky Floral Stems is my favorite (I think. At this exact moment, anyway). Thanks to both of you for sponsoring!


It is very, very difficult to pick a favorite! I am a sucker for most things floral, but I'm going to choose The Birds. I just love those long legs! Too cute!

Cynthia Lee

I liked birds, stem4 and stem5 so much I bought them. I really like the tees you used them on.

Lynne Pfeffer

I really like silly circles and stem-5. Thanks for the chance to win this great package of goodies!!!

Eileen Foley

Hmm, how to decide between them all? It boils down to a tie between "The Birds" and "Funky Floral Stem
1"...or maybe Stem 5? Too many neat designs to pick from! Thanks for the opportunity to win a great give-away.


I love the birds. They look like fun to use.


It's hard to pick just one but I really really like "The Birds." These screens are so easy to use and they layer nicely for so many different effects.

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