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June 26, 2013


Becky in VA

Isn't it amazing the different one little border can make in the success of a design. A dark binding with a light piping sounds like a perfect finish and your quilting will take it over the edge of wonderful.

Leslie McNeil

it's very gorgeous, vicki! i agree, her patterns are wonderfully instructed; if i had the time i'd make lots more of them! yours turned out so cool; the inner border makes quite a difference, doesn't it. i like the idea of the darker binding with more pop/warmth with an orange piping... but i know whatever you decide it will work wonderfully!


That little skinny innetr border ,akes all the difference. Hmm, I am thinking the dark purple but there is room/time to change all our minds! ;)

Cheryl K.

Well done with all the math to make get the fabric requirements done. This is a beautiful piece!


It does look better with the inner border. How big is this top? Once you said 6 yards of gradient fabric I thought it must be much better that it looks. Beautiful job. Either color would look good for the binding.

Kim S

Love your fabric you use fot this top!


I liked it before and wasn't sure I'd rip it apart to add a border. Now that I see what's missing I understand your decision! I agree with the dark binding, but I can't make up my mind about the piping. Each option seems to have a plus and a minus. I would have to lay each one out, take and print a photo, and ponder it for a while before I decided. I'm certain that whatever you decide will be wonderful!

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