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June 21, 2013



The ones that stand out in my mind were both through Amazon - one was from someone that sold a saw to my husband and he received the wrong saw - they told him to keep it and sent out the correct one - they said it was too much of a hassle to send it back.
Another one was also from Amazon but directly from them and took place around Christmas time - I had ordered an ice cream maker and received two. They said it was too much of a hassle to send one back - I had only been charged for one and was told to give the extra one to someone for a present!! I checked my credit card and I had only been charged for one. So passed the machine on to one of the girls

Sally T

Have you ever bought dyed fabric from Vicki W? Amazing fabric and amazing service. She is also super fast with her custom orders. Plus you can be certain that her fabric won't bleed. If you haven't ordered from her before, you should check her out!


Hawthorne Threads - if you are in the market for the style of fabric that they sell! I've never had a problem with them ever & while I kind of hate to admit it, I've purchase well over 40 yards (on record) mostly in 1/2 size cuts from them - mostly in 5 total yard purchases.

& my long-armer - Maria Ohaver, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her service to anyone in the market for a professional long armer.

Cynthia Lee

It's Vicki, not Vickie. Sorry.


Ha! - someone beat me to it! I was going to mention you and your fabrics, too. (My order has just arrived; the huge gradient is fantastic, and thank you so much for the extra butterfly fabrics! I can't wait to start once my customer is ready.)

Gene Black

I ordered a cutting mat from Hobby Lobby. When I received it, it was rolled up in a box! I laid it out and saw that it had warped. I was so disgusted. After all, it is an Olfa and was not cheap. I called HL customer service and was probably not the customer you want on the phone - not rude but not sweet either. However, the lady was nice and I quickly calmed down. She assured me that they would send out another one and she would make sure that it was packed FLAT (I had explained why in my "speech") In a few days- faster than the other shipped- I got one packed flat and reinforced with extra cardboard. It is perfect. Thanks HL


I got my thread order from Cindy's Threadworks (in BC Canada) the next day, in regular post, and I was crossing my fingers hoping for 5 days so I could take some handwork on my trip and she threw in a booklet on Superior Threads gratis.
Also has great customer service.


We've had issues with several items purchased through Amazon over the years. Many times, contacting the seller directly leads to slow or zero results. When reaching out to them through the Amazon website comment area, we have ALWAYS received immediate credit or replacement. Kudos for keeping those sellers in line!

Zappo's also ranks high with our family for customer service.

Fabric companies with great customer service include you, Canton Village Quiltworks, and Delta Patchwork. (E-Quilter has a great selection of fabrics, but they are slow on their shipping - two weeks is way too long. My most recent order was received in just over a week, so I hope that means they've made improvements to their shipping system. If not, they really need to.)


I love my Camelbak bottle and was heartbroken when it started to leak at the hinge. I contacted them on the website and withing a week, I had a new cap, nipple AND straw. Did you know that Camelbak has a lifetime warranty? And they make good with no questions asked.

Rebecca in SoCal

My good story comes from a referral by you! Hold Fast Artworks: I don't have a Paypal account, so I used a charge card, and didn't see where to add shipping; I don't know if they charged it. What they did do was send TWO pairs of earrings (I ordered one) in a nice hinged metal box with a window! That plus the idea I was helping (in a very tiny way) to save a life keeps me going back.

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