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June 18, 2013


Teresa in Music City

You certainly did a wonderful job with what you had to work with! It looks like it was fun - no one will ever know that you struggled with it :*)


A learning quilt but in the end you brought it to life. Your quilting is spectacular and I'm certain there is a loving and permanent home for it.

Becky in VA

It was very generous of you to take this huge quilt top and I assumed you would do an "all over" quilting design. You have taken an unusual quilt top and turned it into something rather special. We will be forever grateful to you for bringing it to life! I do hope we can find an appropriate home for it where others can enjoy looking at all the details inside the fish tanks!

Great quilting, Vicki. Your pictures don't do the quilting justice.

Tina in NJ

While some elements were more successful than others, you did a great job. You certainly brought many/most of the creatures to life. I think a pediatric ward would be a perfect fit. If you can't find one who wants this quilt, try a hospice.


I loved the quilt. In fact, I remember doing a block but couldn't remember what it looked like after it was put together. We appreciate all you
do for CSQ.


so cute!

Ruth Lane

Congrats on finishing a UFO from 13 years ago - that's amazing. Kids would love this quilt so I agree a pediatric ward or maybe a pediatrician's office would like it or even a school. The quilting looks great to me and it really added to the overall design.

Katie Z.

Woe, wow, wow! Well done!

Debbie St. Germain

I think waiting so long gave you the inspiration and experience to make it into a beautiful quilt, love how you quilted it.


shirley bruner

i think you did a great job. kids would love this quilt. it is way off your usual path.....but you pulled it off. i think those upside down fish are 'sleeping' hahahahaha


As my mom would say "That's a good job done!" You certainly put a lot of time and effort into this quilt. Hopefully it finds a good home. I think what you did was very creative. The oldest UFO I have is a log cabin I put together in the late 70's - yes, the late 70's! I had hand quilted some of it and it just got ignored. I took it apart and washed the top and backing as it was very dirty from sitting around thru renovations and just time. The batting was poly and nasty so that got tossed. One of these days I will get it quilted.

Cheryl K.

Definitely I saw the crab and the whale and there's a lot of life and energy in this now with your quilting. And now I know who is the authority on fishy quilts! It's great to think that everyone's practice pieces did not end up UFO's in separate closets and turned into something to bring a smile to someone else.


I think you made a huge difference in the quilt! It's a marked improvement to have the linear details on the blank shapes, and the added elements tie it all together. I saw i was a crab even before you said so.
But, I hate to say this... I don't think those are octpuses (or as Pogo would say "octopods"). I think they're jelly fish...


It's hard to work on something you don't like and doesn't inspire you, but this turned out well. The quilting adds detail and depth, and this wouldn't have looked half as nice with an all-over design. I wish my learning experiences all ended up looking this good!

Ivory Spring

I love this quilt, Vicki! I actually think it is show-worthy because of how you have incorporated various motifs in the quilting. Please tell me you will at least "try" to enter it in a show before you donate it?

Well done Vicki this is just great! You really added a whole bunch of details to this quilt and make it much better than what it was. I love all your starfish and Sand-dollar motifs the best... And I'll bet there are times of children's hospitals that would love to have this!


Wow. You added so much to this quilt. I can see why it would have been hard to try to rescue it, but good for you for putting yourself to the task.

I agree with Kathleen C. that the octopuses are really jellyfish, and beautiful jellyfish, too.

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