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March 06, 2013



Ugh... you can have our snow... Enjoy!


snow dying would be one thing to do with it! great thinking - enjoy it will most likely be the last snow of the season for you :)


its always so pretty when snow comes straight down. ours was all sideways yesterday but makes a good day for sewing!

Cindy Is Crafty

Pretty, yes, but pretty while driving back form Newport News in it....NOT SO MUCH! Riding in the tire ruts on 64 back to Richmond = not cool! Big trucks passing you and their spray covering your windshield and you losing the car in front of you = scary! Getting home to find nothing on the ground = priceless! Oh and work closed early = AWESOME!


Great photos of the white stuff!

Peg S.

I agree that it's pretty but I am glad I had nowhere to go! This made for a perfect sewing day. Did you do the snow dyeing? Looking forward to seeing the results!


It's always so pretty as long as someone else has it. We got a couple of inches last night and it's very wet and heavy. I love snow on Christmas and in the mountains.

Debbie St. Germain

I think I have had enough snow, lol. It is heading our way now, we might get more rain, but I hate rain and it is wicked windy too.



Snow dyeing, that was my first thought. The picture you posted a couple of days ago of all your fabric in containers ready to dye, may I ask, do you dye your big gradients that transition from one colour to another, dry?

Sally Trude

I just got my power back today. The snow was handy for keeping the refrigerator and freezer cold. So now I'm just going around the house turning every spigot to watch water come out...

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