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March 07, 2013



I squealed with delight when I saw it, so please do drop my name in the hat. :o)

sarah did it!

I also squealed as I would love to own a little antique machine. Thanks sew much for the opportunity!


I love that machine! Would be great to have!


How cute is that! Thanks for the chance!

Michelle Wyman

Oh that would be awesome to have! Thanks for offering it - I hope you pick me!!

Cherie in St Louis

I just can't believe you'll part with this wonderful antique sewing machine. On the other hand, if it doesn't fit with your decor, then what could be better than sending it to the home of a quilter :)


Oh, how cute! Thanks for giving us a chance to win it!

Becky in KCMO

Why would you give this heirloom away? I decorate my sewing room with these child sewing machines. I would be happy to accept it, but you might want to look on eBay before you do this.

Becky in VA

Thankful Thursday - I'm thankful our power just came back on!

What an adorable, precious little sewing machine. I love it, too, but please don't put me in the drawing as I have no place to display it properly.


That antique toy is precious. I'd give it a place of honor in my studio.

Deb Levy

how cute!

Sharon Murphy

I would love to have the antique toy sewing machine, I decorate my sewing studio with antique sewing machines.

Gabriela Divine

Oh my - my! I adore your little antique sewing machine. Just precious!


Vicki, I just started my collection of antique toy sewing machines last November with a machine I coveted and whined about. DH gave to me for my Birthday, lucky me.
I'd cherish this if I win and would tend to it carefully while it's in my posession/care. Thanks for the chance. Jane


Commenting only - no need to put me in the drawing. I have one of these that my grandmother had in her sewing corner. My mother helped me use it to make doll clothes (long ago).

Judy M

I have 5 old machines including one treadle and one that you crank turn, I would really like a toy machine.

Lisa F.

I would love to have this! I am so into this for my sewing room.

Cynthia Lee

It's hard to give up things like this machine even when they don't fit in anymore. You are stronger willed than I am. It would look nice in my studio.


Wow! Love, love, love vintage sewing machines. Long time visitor to your blog. Really love the colors of the fabric you dye.


You are kidding me! Please include me too...I have always wanted one, and it would fit perfectly with my decor! Thank you!


Please put my name it. I would love to have it. You are so generous.

Shirley Howland

It would be so sweet to win that machine! I would make a special place to put it. can't believe you are giving it away!


I couldn't squeal for real as I'm at work, but I squealed very loudly in my mind! This is a wonderful offer... thank you for being so generous!
And good to see you made it through the snowstorm okay. It clobbered us!


This is so cute! It would easily find a home with me. Thank you for the chance. :)

Teresa in Music City

Oh my! That would look just adorable on my sewing notions shelf! Pick me! Pick me!!!

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