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March 12, 2013





Love how they turned out!


I did a bunch of snow dyeing this year and absoltuely loved the results. I also just had it sit in the water while it melted. If it snows one more time, I think I will do another batch- snow dyeing is just too much fun, and you can't do it in the summer!

Did you fold your fabric in special ways to 'help' the design a long? The one has such a pronounced spiral, and it looks beautiful.


They turned out great! I've been enjoying snow dyed fabrics from many bloggers this year and every time I see them I think I should try it. We certainly get plenty of snow. But I think I've realized the main reason why I don't do it.....laziness! It looks like too much work I guess. :)

Deb Levy

They all look great...especially the black, red and purple.

Cheryl K.

They are all beautiful! Who'd have thought, leftovers+snow=so much delightfulness?


The black is amazing - I especially like the upper right hand bit where the components of the dye have separated out and you get all the extra bonus colours :)

Cindy Is Crafty

How cool was the end result. So awesome!

Sally Trude

That is really quite wonderful. And since I had to pack the refrigerator with snow when the power went out, I still have some. Need more snow?

Debbie St. Germain

I love how those came out, great tutorial. Our snow is gone and I hope it stays that way, lol.


Freda Henderson

Love all the fabrics Vicki. Great colors.

Jay Dodds

We practically NEVER get least not enough to collect in piles! So my art group tried this with crushed ice!! Worked pretty well!


So cool!


Pretty! I had been wanting to do this, and wouldn't you know that when the one good snow we had this year came I completely forgot about it. I guess I'll try again next year if I can remember. :-0


Kool! I like how the designs turned out! Need snow? Come on over! Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

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