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March 27, 2013



I have actually been to Marshalls Dry Goods several times here in Arkansas and they have a very large section of the warehouse store that is only available to those with wholesale ID's - I've always wondered what all is back there :)
You dye a heck of a lot of fabric don't you!

sarah did it!

Sounds like a great job to me! Everything is organized and probably works like clockwork now.

Cheryl K.

A great job? I'm glad you're doing it! You have figured out all the tricky parts and have a great products. Thanks!!

Ruth Lane

Great system you've worked out. Especially measuring the dyes so you know what you need to mix. I always end up with too much dye and then it just sits around. But of course I rarely measure much of anything when dyeing :)

Debbie St. Germain

I need to do some dying too and want to wait till it is nicer out and i can work on the porch and get a few pots going.



You do indeed have a great job! I wish everyone could enjoy what they do!

Cindy Is Crafty

I can so see you in the lab coat while you are doing it! :O)

Eileen Keane

Vicki, that whole process is so interesting! I tried dyeing once and I'm so much happier with other people's results.
One thing you wrote that I'm not familiar with-scouring. The instructor didn't use that term in the class I took.


It is a great job!!!


You make it look easy! I know it is a lot of work, but your system would take the stress out because there would be no guess work! I, on the other hand, just wing it so my results are not repeatable and sometimes that is problem.

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