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March 11, 2013


Deb Levy

Funny, I'm in the process of stripping wallpaper from 4 bathrooms! Like you, I'm doing a little at a time.


Your QOV is really nice! I haven't been drawn into string quilts yet--saving yet another category of scraps is beyond me at this point :)

Tastes change, that's all there is to it! No need to bash your former choices. Wallpaper is actually coming back around again in home dec, surprisingly. I took all mine down many years ago but liked it when I had it :)


Wallpaper gives me hives! :o) It's so "permanent" and Mr. Creations and I nearly get a divorce over wallpaper borders! Have fun picking your colors.

I know you aren't the biggest fan of string quilts that that is really a nice setting and I know how much it will be appreciated.

Cheryl K.

The QOV is vibrant and energetic - I think it will bring a smile to the deserving recipient.
As AnnieO said, wallpaper is coming back, but the last time I used it was... 1998 - 15 years ago! I'm sure I would hate my "then" choices if I still lived in that house. The first two you are removing have elements that make them the choices of a Symmetry Quiltmaker to be. Yes you're tired of them but they spoke your language at that time!

Cindy Is Crafty

I bet Chris it THRILLED he is feeling better! :O)


So glad you both are feeling better.
Your QOV quilt is striking. I love the way the black fabric just makes everything pop!


Love the QOV - hate the wallpaper! LOL! I feel your pain and I know you understand why with what is going on at my house. I sent my mortagage guy a couple of progress pictures and he said my brother and I do good work!

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