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February 06, 2013


Ruth Lane

That's a good idea. I am not that disciplined (of course I don't sell dyed fabric either) so I don't filter my dyes. Old nylon curtains from the thrift store would work too.

Deb Levy

Good solution! I don't filter mine because I don't mind the texture from the blobs of undisolved dye.


Thanks for sharing this tip Vicki, I have never thought about filtering my dyes. I don't like getting blobs of undissolved dyes on my fabrics so this will solve that problem. Thanks!!


I *always* filter my dyes. The acid dyes, even though I mix with boiling water, are still prone to undissolved bits which can lead to strange dots on the fabrics. I use the coffee filters. Since we just bought a brand new coffee maker that uses a totally different type of filter than the old one, I've got tons to use. I also mix custom colors and have way too many colors to take advantage of a filter system like yours.


I have never filtered my dye. Once I was making some orange and all the red particles did not dissolve. I ended up with the coolest orange fabric with red speckles! Now since you repeat what you dye and need consistency from batch to batch I can see why filtering your dye would be important. Glad you found a solution!


That's a very good solution Vicki. I haven't had success using pantyhose, it didn't want to flow thru.

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