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February 25, 2013


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Tina in NJ

I'm glad Chris is feeling better. My DH is another of those who doesn't get sick. When he does, it's scary.


hate it when sickness happens so quickly! glad he is feeling better but will probably be weak for a little bit.
love those stencils - I was thinking of doodling with that myself - I have some fabric paints for some time now and never got around to using them - trying it out this week maybe!

Ruth Lane

Food poisoning is really terrible. I am glad Chris is feeling better.

Cheryl K.

Poor guy! No one wants to get sick like that. And poor Vicki, nursing and cleaning. You still have managed to create a beautiful design wall composition after all that!

Deb Levy

Poor Chris! Being that sick is awful, but being the nurse/maid isn't a boatload of fun either.

Hope you both have a better week!


You have had a roller coaster couple of days. Poor Chris, food poisoning ain't fun. I've been nursing DH post op for more than A COUPLE OF DAYS! He even insists I remove the stitches, apparently I'm more gentle/cautious than the Dr.


Looking at your sun prints reminded me that I want to try that, if it every stops raining here. I think I will look for some trial fabric to be prepared and then stalk the woods for some ferns and leaves to play with. Thanks.


Ugh! That kind of sick you wouldn't wish even on an enemy. Glad it was short lived. Love your sun prints!


Glad Chris is feeling better. What a horrible way to spend the weekend :(

Bonnie in Va

Not a weekend to repeat for either you or Chris. Now get on with creating the beautiful things you do!

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