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February 20, 2013


Becky in VA

Congrats - this is spectacular and finished before your self-imposed deadline.

Leftovers? Make a smaller quilt.

Tina in NJ

Awesome! But then, I expected nothing less. I happen to love scrap quilts, so leftovers aren't a problem for me.


Have a give away with the leftovers!

Gabriela Divine

Love - Love - Love your quilt. As for the leftovers? Why, postcards, of course! (or place mats).


Happy Dancing Stars!


looks great!! you can always make pillows to match if the quilt is bedsize



Deb Levy


Cherie in St Louis

This top is simply amazing! I'm sure it's even more spectacular in person :) As for the leftover bits, I'm with Becky, make a small quilt :)


I really like how the gradient worked, like a colorwash of sorts.

Mary Anne

Absolutely stunning quilt - definitely makes me do a little happy dance in my chair.


It's a stunning quilt top! Your gradient fabric really makes those stars sparkle and dance!

Ruth Lane

It's beautiful and I love the gradient.


Gorgeous....the gradient is so awesome!!!

Cindy Is Crafty

It is awesome and if it should ever need a home, please consider mine! :O) JK, love it a lot!


Beautiful! Leftover = back art


Its wonderful, I can see why you just wanted to keep on working on it. I haven't made a finished quilt for a few years now so am totally blank when it comes to quilting suggestions but I'm sure you'll find the perfect thing


The quilt turned out wonderful! The leftovers? Well, you could make a baby quilt, make postcards, sell them, give them away, or store them in a box for the future. So many choices! As far as quilting, I would quilt the background in a matching color to maintain the lovely contrast between the stars and the background. I am sure it will be beautiful no matter what you decided to do.


That is seriously awesome.


Amazing! Beautiful! Stunning! Fabulous! What can I say? You've done yourself proud. Leftovers can be fun... you'll think of something :)


That is the best picture of this great quilt; I can clearly see the gradient. Quilting design is my weakest ability; I currently am struggling with how to quilt 3 quilts. YIKES! So all I can do on that point is wish you good luck.

Kim S

Left overs.... sounds like a give away prize.

Love the quilt top!!


It's beautiful! Congratulations! As for quilting, something that accentuates the stars would be lovely.

Kelly Wood

This is amazing! If it were mine, I would quilt it using a gold polyester embroidery thread for the subtle shine. My stitching design would be swirls with random FMQ stars sprinkled about to give the illusion of stars in the black universe. I would probably stitch random words as well, but that's just me! And those leftovers would make a great quilt for my guild's charity (Senior Services) ;o)!

Marie Z. Johansen

This one excites me too! I love it! oh oh! I may have been bitten by the bug again!

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