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January 04, 2013



Vicki I have had this problem twice now with quilts that had already been washed and didn't know why the heck it happened. One was a small wall hanging that I took down in December to hang a Christmas wall hanging up - the old was kind of dusty so I tossed in the washer as I knew I had washed it before - I ended up washing it three times and spraying Shout on the affected areas each time before I got it all out.
Another was a large quilt that I used to use as a wall hanging - it had been washed several times and then last year I threw it in the wash to freshen it up and the reds ran! It had been washed at least 2 times that I remembered -again I washed it about 3 times before I got most of it out - you have to really know where the problem area is now to see it -- why this happened I do not know - I used cold water like always.


I have had an issue with fabrics running too but I think the culprit may be my front loader. I don't think there is enough water that runs through the fabric so even when I run it through multiple times the dye doesn't get a chance to lift off. But I should say the problem is never the back when its been dyed by Vicki. Cheers from Tommyandjimmy/Sally.

Mary Anne

I think everybody needs to have a 'sickie blankie' in their home - one that you can cuddle up under when you're not feeling well. Yours looks like a perfect choice. Glad you were able to fix the burp!

Gene Black

That is really interesting. Now I will know how to fix my quilts if that happens again.

Cindy Is Crafty

That is amazing! I wonder if it will work when I get that new top I forget to wash alone that inevitably rubs against its lighter neighbor in the wash??? Hmmmmm....

Becky in VA

That is so weird. I've experienced the same thing. Maybe all the germs collected in the blues and they were being washed away?!

Sandra at Thistle Co

Such an interesting post; I've never heard of quilt burping. I always throw a dryer magnet sheet in the wash and that captures all the excess dye.

Debbie St. Germain

I have had this happen with reds, and it is sad after it has been put in a quilt. I used a bleach stick and that helped to get rid of it without hurting the color, but I do like the faded blue, has a nice aged look to it.


Jay Dodds

I have washed with Synthropol even after the dye has run and it has helped some with taking the runs out.

LuAnn Kessi

Very informative Vicki. Thanks for sharing the info.
Happy New Year To Ya,
LuAnn in Oregon


I made myself a beautiful lace edged sleep shirt out of red china silk. The red just never stopped running; just rubbing on the sheets left red marks. I finally gave up and tossed it. Thanks for sharing your method; I wish I had know about it then.

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