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January 03, 2013



I've heard of the Quilt Show before but never investigated further. It seems like a neat program- I'd love to win a membership :)

Thanks for always keeping such an interesting blog, and for being generous with these give-aways.

Patricia L.

I won the one you gave away last year and have really enjoyed it! It is going to be time to renew again soon so I could use another year. LOL

Jay Dodds

I love your blog...follow you faithfully!!


I love to win the membership! Thanks for the chance to win :)


Fused glass??? :) I am agreeing with you, Vicki about the benefits of the whole blogging scenario. It does make one ThankFul!

Kim M in PA

I am a loyal reader of your blog. This is so nice of you! Can't wait to see your newest endeavor!

Sue H

Wow, Vicki, what a fun for all your readers! A new reason to look forward to Thursdays.

Cathy Ortelle

A great way to start the new year. Thanks!


Thank you for blogging! I have learned so much in regards to fabric dying. It has been so helpful.

Sharon Bourque

Thanks so much for the opportunity of winning this wonderful giveaway. A big thanks for your generosity on your blog.....

Linda Evans

I enjoy reading your blog every day. When I am too busy to escape to do quilty things, I can at least take a peek at what you're doing! Would love to win a membership to The Quilt Show!

Judy J

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.


I would love to win.


I just watched their free show today when they chose Meredith Schroeder as Quilt Legend for 2012. A great tribute to her. It would be wonderful to win a years membership

Eileen Foley

I've learned so much this year from your color theory posts, so thank you very much! I'd love to win a membership to the Quilt Show.

Gene Black

I just "re-upped" my membership. I love The Quilt Show.

Tina in NJ

Can I have a dose of your discipline, please? I'm finding reading blogs about quilting sometimes substitutes for the actual act of quilting. But it does anchor me in the activity. I particularly like your blog and check it at least once a day.


What a great idea-Thankful Thursday. And thanks to you for many wonderful posts. I enjoy reading your blog regularly and also enjoy your tutorials! I would like a chance to win the quilt show membership.


I was already gifted a membership by you so don't pick me. I just wanted to say how thankful that I found your blog and that we have become blogging buddies. I also have found that I get more done since I started my blog.


Please do put my name in that hat.


I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

Linda Fleming

I love reading your blog!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw yor Nellie Moser fabric palette.
Colors just like the clematis I have in my yard!

Sandra at Thistle Co

Thankful Thursday is a lovely new tradition, Vicki. I wish you well with it.

Kay Bell

I love the quilt show, love your bog too.....lots of great information on both sites......

Kay in Scotland...

Linda Stokes

I'd love to win this Vicki - I'm already a free member but would like more. Thanks for the opportunity & I enjoy your blog.

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