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January 29, 2013


Nancy Lee

Thanks for the color ideas!
I still have a quilt my grandmother made from my grandfather's old suits.

Deb Levy

Looks wonderful!

Ruth Lane

Great job. I really like the curved echo border - very effective.


Looks great and the curved border design really adds great texture in the blue columns. One of my favorite quilting designs and I'm glad you found my tutorial handy.

LuAnn Kessi

Hey the curvy ruler work on your Mama's quilt. What a great finish!

Lori s

Great design choices. I love how it all came together.


You and Mom make a good team. A really pretty quilt. You have mentioned ruler work in earlier posts. I would love to come and watch you work with the rulers. (that won't happen, 'cause I live a couple thousand miles from you.) I have not been able to get the hang of it. With more quilting experience under my belt now, I probably need to get the extended plate and rulers out and try again.

Becky in VA

Great job, you two! I would like to come see you working with the rulers - and I do NOT live a couple thousand miles away.


really like how you quilted this one, you and your Mum make a good quilting team :)


Sweet! Your machine quilting is phenomenal! Bought the DeLoa ruler, have not tried it yet. Oh... and that last spring! lol Thanks for accepting comments from robots! lol

Virtual Quilter

OK, how many times have you practised to be able to empty the bobbin with the last stitch? That is like the golfers' hole in one!

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