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January 29, 2013


Ruth Lane

I didn't know that either. I thought I heard laughter :)

Joanne H.

Nope! You aren't the last one and I doubt it will be me either. :-)


Sometimes when I have hit publish I know I was even a bit iffy on the spelling and it worked so who knows!!! :)


i never realized the number didn't have to be perfect!


I just figured that out today too! Those numbers are impossible to read so I had pretty much given up on trying to leave comments until today I decided to give it my best guess. LOL


LOL!!! I sort of wondered about that because I know I must have typed some of those wrong. And yes there was laughing....imagine a world without it! Okay, don't! How depressing.

Gene black

Lol I have clicked the thing to get a new number many times. Thanks for the tip


I discovered that awhile ago. I've also discovered that those blogs with comment verification codes get read through Google Reader.

Lynne in Hawaii

I right there with you...I didn't know either! Sometimes I would just give up cause I couldn't read the number or sometimes the lettering was so funky you couldn't read it either. I'd click for new set but that wasn't always any better. Thanks for the heads up.

Mary Anne

Sometimes I think it's enough that you come close - other times I have purposefully put in an incorrect number just to see what happens, and it goes through. Other times it throws a hissy fit and insists on everything being perfect. No rhyme nor reason!


I didn't know that either! Captchas drive me insane.

Cheryl K.

No one told me! (till now, of course) - how did you figure it out?


I did not know this until I read your post. Just tried it on another blog and IT WORKED!



Hum.... I would have typed mguesti 14 and not inguesti. I give it one try, if it does not work, I'm out! Many of blogs I have not left a comment because I appear to be a robot and my comment is not welcomed! You have the patience of a saint! ;o) Cheers!

Virtual Quilter

Aaaaahhhhhhh! All the times I have either tried multiple times to get a number I could see, not tried to leave a comment or given up in disgust were all a waste of time!
And yes, there was the feeling that somebody was having a laugh.
Somedays the internet is fun ... sometimes it is just mean and nasty!


I did not know that either! Sometimes it is impossible to decipher the number and I have to request a new code several times! Now I know! LOL

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