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January 08, 2013


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Tina in NJ

This wall art is gorgeous! And so very appropriate for you! I loved the "artful redneck" comment :). Please post a picture of the gable quilt when you get to it.

Becky in VA

It looks great! Glad you have permission (giggle) for another one.


Love it! Your fabric looks so beautiful with the metal!

Ruth Lane

That really livens up the wall. The fabric really sets it off.

Deb Levy

It looks Fabulous! now the wall looks like a gorgeous fall sunset coming through a window.


I'm not big on yard art but I always envision how wonderful it would be to hang old broken ladders on the wall & crap like that. Then, I get off Pinterest and return to my real life!

Great looking wall art!

Jane S.

That's beautiful! Very bold and graphic and a great way to use yard art indoors.

Pat Sloan

what a NEAT idea!

Cheryl K.

This is even better than I imagined. Great News you get to do another one on the porch - we won't warn your housemate about yard-art creep... Do it quick before he changes his mind!!


That is spectacular!!!

Cindy Is Crafty

The fabric really makes it POP! Awesome!

Gene Black

I love that! It looks amazing with the gradation behind it.

Michele at Sweet Leaf

Looks great! And Chris is happy, too!

Freda Henderson

Very nice, Vicki.


It looks great! Especially on point!

One Minnesota Quilter

This looks very classy and clean. This would be more appealing to visitors who might not appreciate being inundated with "quilty" stuff. Yet you can still decorate with the theme of what you like and what is important to you. Very nice!



This is gorgeous. The gradient behind is just stunning in the way it sets off the quilt block. Good job. The Husband must have also been impressed if he gave you "permission" to hang something outside the house!!


Love the concept of the "artful redneck" and that your favorite adhesive is duct tape... what works, works! The art is also beautiful! Nicely done 8>.

Candy from Candied Fabrics

Ooooh, that looks FABULOUS! ANd I am so GLAD to know an "Artful Redneck" now! :-)


Vicki, good solution and lovely result. Thanks for the humor. Made me LOL.


This looks absolutely fabulous, Vicki

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