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December 30, 2012



If I ever had to choose one, this is my favorite block. I made my first big quilt using this block. (Using your second layout.)

I want to do it again with taupes. (Maybe in my retirement years.)

Tina in NJ

The It's Okay to Sit On My Quilt Book was my very first quilt book (almost 30 years ago)! I still love that book! When I see new block , I ask myself if it's a "two-bell" block. I've tried to live my quilt life by the philosophy of that book.


THE classic book for sure. Old Maids puzzle is a favourite!


Mary Ellen Hopkins was guest speaker at our quilt guild in Fallbrook many long years ago. I was her "helper" from our guild. She's a real hoot!!!


One of my favorite first quilting books too! It seemed so revolutionary at the time.

Cassandra Tondro

I worked at Mary Ellen's store, Crazy Ladies, for several years with Sally, and it was the experience of a life time. Mary Ellen's strip piecing techniques and the camaraderie with Sally revolutionized my creative life. Since then, I have morphed into a professional artist, and people often comment that my paintings look like fiber art. You can see for yourself on my website: My roots are in fiber, and even when I changed mediums, the look of my work didn't change. I am deeply indebted to Mary Ellen and Sally for the part they have played in my creative development.


Funny what memory does over time...Cassie was always artistic and quite experimental...even revolutionary stuff like dyeing fabric. Imagine! Mary Ellen Hopkins also used her book to teach quilt shop owners how to teach quiltmaking and told them not to comment on their students' sewing skills because those would improve over time. Of course, the first thing she said when she saw my first attempt at a quilt top (a triple rail) was "My, you really have a problem with motor skills, don't you!"


Addendum: I have yet to figure out who "D" is...but on this blog I'm either tommyandjimmy or Sally. Take your pick.

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