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December 21, 2012


Gene Black

My great niece would be sure to remind you that purple is a "princess color" LOL

I love purple and I love it more when it is next to a nice shade of green.


Purple, as in eggplant, is starting to make a statement for me. Not the pale lilacs but a deep dark, rich almost black purple and I do use several brighter purples with browns.

Tina in NJ

I just finished a couple of embroidery designs (machine) to be made into pillows for my son's girlfriend, Asian designs on lavender. I drew the line at making the panda eating bamboo into a heart-shaped pillow. Merry Christmas to all.


My favorite color combo is purple and green... all purples side by side with any green. I don't even think about it, I just gravitate to it.
Your las tpoll made me think though... I like blue a lot, it's a beautiful color and I look great in it, but looking in my closet I realized I own little to no blue. So I made myself go out and buy a couple of blue tops.
Sometime you have to shake your self out of a rut you didn't even know you were in!

Have a very Happy Holiday season, and a great New Year to you and yours!


My bedroom is green with purple drapes and accents, so I have a lot of green and purple queen size quilts!


Purple seems to show up in my EQ designs a lot but I don't make quilts with purple as it wouldn't go with my decor. I do however have 4 purple coats! I seem to use purple as a break from my usual blues and blacks in my wardrobe.


I got sidetracked thinking about how so much purple got into my life and forgot to say thank you for the colour series; it was enjoyable and informative.

Carie Shields

I love purple! I almost always have some purple in every quilt I make for myself.

Virtual Quilter


Thank you for this series ... I am enjoying every bit, and linking to it in my Links to Lessons page so I can find it when I want it!

Merry Christmas and new year ... and look forward to keeping a watch on watch you are doing.


Thanks so much for doing the color series this year! I've learned so much from it.

Angelina K in CT

Thanks a million for your posts about color and for hosting the challenge with Judy this (last!) year. I have learned so much, and I look forward to following your adventures in the future. Happy new year!

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