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December 14, 2012



I am not a blue person. Not sure why. Pink and blue is really upsetting. ;^) Robin Egg blue is what I like and it is more aqua which I luv. But it is good to try things and I do have some in my stash. The gifts, ya know! lol


Blue is my least favorite color, but I do have some in my stash--sometimes a quilt just needs a piece of blue! It doesn't depress me, I just don't care for it.

Gene Black

Very interesting! I learned a few "blue things"

Jean S.

I love blues, but don't really have a large stash. I've purchased blues for specific quilts but generally it's not one of the regular things I buy. Don't know why really, because I do like the color. Thanks for the interesting info Vicki.


Blue is so darn easy to use! It plays nicely with so many other colors! I'd have a hard time not using blue (in a non-monochromatic)in a quilt!

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