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November 07, 2012


Sue H

I'm drawn to the ones that are a little asymmetrical. The "X" works for me!

Deb Levy

bull's eye

Joy Voltenburg

I like the bullseye layout. Looks great either way!

Becky in VA

I like them all, especially the off-center bulls eye.

Leslie McNeil

Yes! Adore the color selections!


I say sew the one on the wall now and then make 3 more sets of blocks and make the others later. They are all wonderful!!! I'm ready to cut all of my scraps into triangles and play again!

Connie in  Louisiana

My favorite is the stretched zig zag followed by the bulls eye. I love all of your work.

Connie in Louisiana

Lynne in Hawaii

I like the X and the bullseye. All arrangements are solid designs. You choose!


I like the stretch zig zag and the bullseye I think the bullseye is my favorite but then again???


Love the colors. My vote is for bulls eye.


I like the X and the vertical zig zag--but they are all great!

Cheryl K.

Oh, you can't go wrong but I think I'm partial to the asymmetry of the bullseye.


I always "V" for off center log cabin. I also like when log cabins & HST's by extension make a spiral. Though that wasn't a choice...


I get the most movement from the bull's eye, so that's what I "v" for. :) None of them look bad, though, so I don't think you can really go wrong with whatever layout you eventually choose.

Tina in NJ

My choice would be the bull's eye. I like the off-centered-ness (is that a word?) of it. All of the variations are lovely. I hope you do make all of them.

Cindy Is Crafty

My vote is for the bulls eye!

Gene Black

I like the off-center bullseye best. I suppose I am tired because I can't think what "v-work" you could be talking about.

Gene Black

LOL... I should've read the comment above mine.

Debbie St. Germain

I really like the X version, looks stunning with those fabrics.


Fannie Narte

Wonderful designs! Difficult to choose a favorite.

One Minnesota Quilter

Bull's Eye!


Bull's Eye or Stretched Zig Zag


They are all lovely in their own way!

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