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November 08, 2012



that is great that you can do the repair/adjustments yourself. You sound like me although for me it is watching/listening to old tv shows or movies - once I get going I can quilt through the entire show or movie. I don't do audio books as I am a page flipper and need to reread spots (which I am finally adjusting to with my kindle)
I know two local quilters that have the same machine you do and they are both satisfied with it also.


Most of the longarmers I know have taken the time to understand the basics so they can maintain their own machines and troubleshoot problems and mostly resolve them. Once you're not afraid of digging into the book (and the machine), I think you've crossed a major hurdle for some. Brava!

Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

sounds like your research paid off! I've thought about a long arm quilter but decided I lack the talent and it's less expensive for me to hire it out. around here, it's $30 for a queen size quilt which is more than affordable.

shirley bruner

I love my APQS also. i've had mine 6 years now and rarely have any issues. a couple issues that i had happened in the first year and they helped me over the phone. i do want to take the case off and clean it up real good and oil. i took a class last year but still haven't done it. my motto is....if it aint' broke...don't 'fix' it. LOL happy you and Willie are compatible. i love my Anna.


Pink rules!

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