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November 30, 2012



Congrats! We'll be waiting anxiously to see all your new glass creations.

Deb Levy

Good for you! Looking forward to seeing your new glass art!


ah, a girl after my own heart. Just do it! Looking forward to glassworks!

Gabriela Divine

Happy Hour! I'm glad to see you've got your priorities straight. Good for you! Congratulations on the kiln purchase. What fun. I can't wait to see your next projects and to hear all about your adventures in glass. So happy for you.

Now be a dear and fetch me my flask! After all, everyone needs a hobby, dear. Mine's cocktails!


OK, I guess you solved that dilemma!

Becky in VA

You go, girl!

Judy Laquidara

Some days are like that! Enjoy your evening!

Cindy Is Crafty

I knew you'd cave! :O)


Congrats, but I'm jealous. :) I didn't even realize you worked with glass. Do you have another blog for that?

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