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November 28, 2012


Sue H

Love your woven plate! I understand your dilemma though...


I feel for you. Time? yes, it is a problem. I do like these though.


For someone who lives in a small town you sure have alot of artsy stuff going on! It's fun and alluring trying new avenues of creations. Good luck in making THAT decision.

Becky in VA

Your pendant lamp and woven plate are so cool - and your dilemmma is a nice one!
Happy piecing, appliquing, designing, dyeing, blogging, cutting, ironing, quilting, lotion/soap making, ornatment making, postcard making, exercising, socializing - not necessarily in that order - and maybe creating in glass. You really do inspire me!

Deb Levy

Amazing stuff!

It's only money...I say forge ahead and try it! If it works out that you really don't have the time, you can always sell (or donate to a school) the kiln and supplies.

Jean S.

Life is short, enjoy yourself. Unfortunately,you we only have so much time so what are you willing to exchange for the glass. I can handle two crafts at any given time. Quilting is a given and the others are changed out as the mood strikes me. Have fun!

Frances M. Arnold

Gorgeous plate. I am glad that you will have it to enjoy for a long time!!! I feel for you with your decision. I have started several different hobbies (although less expensive ones) and then found that I didn't really want to take any time away from quilting. Cant wait to hear what you decide and how you decide it!!


I wouldn't smash the 2 plates--I really like them. They would certainly be wonderful gifts should you need something in a hurry.

I probably have about 100+ wooden cigar boxes in my garage. My dilemma is always, "I should start doing assemblages with found art objects". I haven't gotten any closer to doing them (this year) but I am always hopeful I will next year. I try to stay very focused but sometimes trying something new is really the activity that eliminates some of the tedium or boredom of the current activity (until the tedium of that activity takes over!). We all need variety, in the end.


The woven plate looks like polka dots! Love it. Hobbies can be tricky -- one we get started...

Freda Henderson

Vicki, I love the green and blue plate...also everything else. Glad you enjoyed the class.


I love glass - but I am not going to get into it as a hobby . . . because of time and dilution of energy (still have the day job to contend with).

My own self-imposed limit - I wish you well making your choice!!!

Cindy Is Crafty

I love the big plate. It is really cool! You with another hobby, that is priceless. When will you have time to make boobies? :O)


Doooooo it! Love the woven plate.

shirley bruner

that woven plate is fabulous. i think you should make those and sell them....i would buy one. and i like the copper plate, too. i have always wanted to try glass crafts.....but i don't need another hobby.


Oh that woven plate has got to have you saying yes go for it! I've often wished I could take some glass classes but for the same reason, lack of time, I haven't done it yet. But you've taken that first step so I hope you find time to continue.


I really like these, especially the "failed" copper one. I think the gray stripes are great. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous pieces! I say go for it! Only because it's you! Anybody else I would say, think about the commitment etc... but you.... heck you are the queen of time. I think you have a time turner or something! After you get all comfortable with this hobby, you might want to try stain glass! Lovely hobby! ;o)

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