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October 19, 2012



My favourite colour! I am repainting and there will be LOTS of yellow in the house and lots of quilts to reflect that luv!

Mary Ann Harpe

WAY back when AOL had and active quilting group and I was in the thick of it, I hosted what turned out being 3 QHC (quilter's hated color) block exchanges, i.e yellow. I have a lovely quilt that I designed the layout for.

Cindy Is Crafty

Yellow is my fav color. I have some accent items I wear with it, but I don't put a lot on it or I might look like Big Bird!

Marjorie Busby

Love yellow and use it a lot. In one of my favorite quilts, the yellow fabric was too bright for the amount I wanted to use so I just used the wrong side of the fabric throughout the quilt, and it was just perfect.


I would never wear yellow, but I am not afraid to use it in a quilt. I have made many baby zig zag quilts with all yellow zig zags (remember the one I made for Max Armstrong?) and I made a wall piece in celebration of the TDF using yellow TDF t-shirts I bought off of e-bay. I use yellow when it is appropriate for a quilt and have never been afraid to add it if it works.

Gene Black

I picked "Every quilt I make has yellow in it" - that is not entirely true, but I do like yellows of all shades and hues in quilts. I have even used an acid yellow (my least favorite yellow) in a quilt.

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