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August 04, 2012



Me too! They keep threatening rain here but none yet. It's dry as a bone and hot. I love the storms but not the power outages!


Very nice....I love them too!

Debra S

You don't have 2 big golden retrievers who turn into scaredy cats and pant all over you!!

Becky in KCMO

These would make a great palette picture. All those rainbows with the different greys. Just a thought!


Wow! What great photos.

Tina in NJ

Thunder has been rumbling for a little bit and it just started pouring! Good timing!

Gabriela Divine

Aha! So you're the lucky one getting the big thunderstorms. I feel cheated. We've got the great big puffy nimbo cumulus but they're not producing anything. Love your double rainbow shots.

Cindy Is Crafty

Wow, double the luck! :O) Now get out there and find both of the pots of gold! :O)

Ruth Lane

Looks to me like the pot of gold should be right in your house :)

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