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August 20, 2012


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No photo of the toe???? You sure have been one busy lady!

Sharon MLS

LOL What a story! Where is a photo of that toe? My hubby would like a recumbent. You don't see too many of them. I have no idea what a slack line is - must be dangerous with that toe injury and all. :-) Your applique blocks are all so sweet. You have been very busy.

Angie in SoCal

Love your flower applique blocks! And all the other projects are neat too!


Where is the photo? Is your toe black and blue? I have been trying to exercise more and all I have is being tired - nothing photographic! The last sports injury was several years ago when I hit a curb funny on my bicycle and skinned my forearm.


Glad you are loving your bruise badge. I bruise quite easily and ugly and found that eating 5 bananas a week keep me from looking like someone is beating me.
I wanna see a video of you on your zip line. Pilates gave me core strength that saved me from chronic back pain in an amazingly short period of time.

Lori in South Dakoa

Vicki--where are pictures of the gruesome toe??

Almost done with the flower blocks--perseverance!

I fell in the handicapped access ramp at a grocery store and broke my leg in two places--and lots of little pieces. Not riding hunter/jumpers. Not working with cattle. Not running heavy equipment. SHEESH!

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