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August 21, 2012


Ruth Lane

Great idea!

Deb Levy


Genius!!!!! Don't you love clever hubbies???

Becky in VA

Dyeing outdoors must be a lot of fun - especially now that we're having such lovely weather.


What a great dyeing table!

Debra S

Oh Boy! 2 handyman projects in one year! What is going on?

Debbie St. Germain

That is a great idea for dying large pieces.


Sharon MLS

Clever! And adjustable too!


This is nothing like I had pictured in my head when I had asked you about your new set up, but it is brilliant! Of course the real treat is seeing all the beautiful fabric that you will make using your new dyeing system!


Great idea, Vicki! Hope you're doing well.


How smart! Was the loose covering enough to keep it damp while it batched, or did you have to weigh it down at all?

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