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July 12, 2012


Mary Anne

Oh my - I never would have thought of this! I thought an inch was an inch - obviously I am wrong. Now I'm off to check my rulers!


OY! THAT explains some wonky edges and borders :)

Ruth Lane

No wonder I can never cut anything the same size :)


So an inch really isn't an inch after all! Do we say an inch-ish? :o)


Tis True!


Great advice! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon MLS

Great post! You know the saying "We can send a man to the moon, but we can't ____(fill in the blank.) In this case we can't make measuring tools consistent!


Congratulations! I saw your piece in Quilters Newsletter -- sounds like a great guild!


I am going home and check my tape measure against my rulers. Maybe I am not as chubby as I thought! Never thought to check my different rulers, but now I will. Thanks for the great post!

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