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July 07, 2012


Gabriela Divine

Vicki those are fantastic clouds and superb photos. For a minute there, I thought they'd been taken at altitude, as in from an airplane.


beautiful clouds - you lost your power during that big storm? it missed my sister and brother in Maryland.


Amazing. We had some that looked kinda like popcorn allover the sky! ???


Scary and grand, all at the same time. I'm pretty sure I saw Massachusetts in that one cloud! Hope all is normal... soon, for everyone in the east.


Those are some ominous looking clouds!

Mary Anne

Definitely amazing! I can see inspiration for gradients in some of them.


I bet that was the same storm that missed us but a lot of people took photos and sent them to the news station in Chicago. They are fantastic and I'm glad you were looking up at the right time to catch them.


Phantastic Photos, Vicki!!


THANK YOU for sharing your completely awesome photos ... I love clouds!

Cindy Is Crafty

Some of those would make you glad they passed you by. Supposed to be a biggie tonight. The atmosphere is really heating up for it, too! Stay safe!


Gorgeous, amazing, awesome.


I love clouds, even the "angry" ones. We finally cooled down a bit and it's very much appreciated.


Really, really cool clouds. I love cloud photos!!

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