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July 14, 2012


Gabriela Divine

VIcki - man oh man, you must have thought you hit the lottery when you snagged those 3 tickets to Wildlife Center of VA. What would I have given to have been able to visit the center and see that wildlife up close and personal Thank you for posting the photos - very special indeed.

Cindy Is Crafty

How cool is that! So neat to see!

Debbie St. Germain

What a wonderful place to be able to visit and a wonderful thing that they are doing for the animals.



Such majestic birds and a terrific opportunity for you to be able to take the tour. Buttercup...wonder who named the vulture?


Very cool! It is awesome to see these creatures up close; I've seen some of them and you really don't realize how big some of those birds are.


The other day when I was watching the TDF they showed a shot from the helicopter of the vultures that have been re-introduced to the Pyrenees. The said there were two different breeds - the Egyptian vulture and I forget the other, but they both were doing well and show a shot of them taking off from the top of a mountian and hanging in the air streams. Very cool! When they were showing the birds I thought of you!

Jeanne McBrayer

Great bird pics! The box turtle reminds me of a news story the other night. The NCSU Vet school mended a sea turtle's fractured head with a hook and eye- pretty cool!

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